Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Athletic day

Friday after morning tea all the team colour. They line up in there houses. It called Tui’s, Geckos, Keas, and Kiwis. Mrs Pole’s give Tui’s a 10,5,20,10, points.

We began to start the race Mr Coackley called 5 yrs old Francis help me. To take the yr5 boys and girl to front for the race after that 6 yrs old boys and girl for the race. Finally is the 11,12,13 yrs old boys girl i tell Francis ,Anasitasia ,Jessica come let go i our tern to race.

Mr Coackley call it yr11girl then boys yr12 girl and boy then the last it yr13 girl and boy.Mr Gaffney told to the girl to come start the race it my tornt to race. I ran and ran finally i came second.

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