Friday, October 28, 2011

Talent Quest.
Last Friday it was the feast of St Pius X. We had a whole school mass before the morning. We were celebrate the Pius X. He is the faith of St Pius X school. After morning tea, we had the talent quest.
Lavinia and Robertanna were leading on the talent quest. They come to the front and have some jokes before they started. Rm4 class was the first performance.
My Favorited part was Rm7‘s item. We had to sing a prayer song. I like it because I had to go up to the frond and sing to the whole school, teacher and parents. Next time I will try to be in the talent quest.

Friday, October 7, 2011

St Pius x was born on 2nd June 1835. He grew up in a poor family. They called him Bepi for short. He had 7 brothers and sisters. Bepi was clever and he worked hard at school. He often visited the church to pray and was an altar boy. When he was 23 years old he was ordained as a priest and spent many years looking after the people in his Parish and helping them. In 1903 Bepi, was elected Pope and he took the new name of Pius X.
Pius X died in 1914 and became a saint in 1954. Today our Pope is Pope Bennidict. He liked Pope Pius X and he carries on the work of Jesus by caring for all the people of God.

On the way to the church we made the wrong turn and we were hoping we would still make it on time. When we got there we ran as fast as we could to the lined up, then Mrs Tui lead us all inside the church then mass started.

The opening hymn was “Here I am Lord. When it hit Communion time we were nerves I stood up being so proud for my self singing for Mr Coakley funeral.

Before the mass was finished Father stood up to blessed Mr Coakley’s dad before he went to live in peace. After the mass Mr Coakley came up to us and said thank you for coming and represent our school with other people. I enjoyed that day a lot.